My cars September 22

Daimler Sovereign
Still on ramp with TR Bitz waiting for a quiet period. All welding done and most of the panel re-fitting workdone. New tanks, fuel pump valves and line installed. Engine is back in and has fired up. Wiring issue found with starter circuit to be sorted and a leak from sump of the re-conditioned gearbox needs sorting.

Back with me with new Owners club power steering fitted and with owners club uprated heater fitted. Much easier to manouver at low speed in tight spaces but perhaps a little less sharp at normal driving speed. Wouldn't fit this to a track car but perfectly Ok for normal driving.  Testing the heater will have to wait until after the heat wave. Dropped off the exchange steering rack at the Owners club just outside cambridge, well worth the visit.

Car in store. Bit of reconditioning carried out on Drivers seat bolster, Furnitureworlds Jaguar Doeskin and other products produced excellent results, seat back to TR Bitz to be re-fitted. New gas rams for boot lid  bought and awaiting fitting at TR Bitz. When last used the CD changer threw up faults so this needs investigating over winter